How do I choose my GoodReads goal? 

Hey there blogger buddies. Today, we are going to talk about how I choose my Goodreads goal and how I find the time to read with a one year old daughter, two dogs, a husband and a full time job. I have to say that I am spoiled though and my husband helps me a lot when I want just an hour to myself to read. 

First let’s talk about Goodreads and how I choose my goals for each year. Last year, I believe I originally had my goal set for 120 books. I lowered that come August because I had only read two books. I was in a terrible reading slump in the beginning of the year and then in April I had my daughter and my life became more hectic. Come August, I changed that goal to 75 books and was able to surpass that.


I, usually, like to choose my goals based on the previous year. If I read 50 books one year, then the next year, I want to increase that by 25 books generally. This may change in the future as my daughter gets older and if my reading interests change; though I highly doubt the latter. This year, I set my goal to 100 books. I felt with the pace that I was reading I could definitely get that many books read this year. And I still agree with that. I am already at 78% of my goal. For you math nerds out there, that is 78 books already in my read shelf.


Now, let’s talk about how I find the time to read that many books. Well first, I work for a company that allows me to listen to something at my desk while I work, so I tend to listen to about 2 to 3 audio books a week. I get a lot of my books through Audible, but I also take a ton out from my local library and listen to them for free. I am also fortunate enough, that my husband let’s me read when I get home from work if our daughter is playing. He doesn’t really care if I spend some free time reading each night. I read about 50-60 pages an hour so on any given week I could finish two 300 page books no problem.


I also read a whole lot on the weekends, and SHHHHHHH. I tend to read at work on my lunch break and if I have some down time. I will take pictures of the book I am reading, more specifically the next two or three chapters and read those on my phone.

So there you have it folks. I set my Goodreads goal by adding 25 more books than the prior year and I find time to read by listening to audio books, reading at home at night and on the weekend and then I read some at work.






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